Traveling the country as a field producer, I was able to meet and interview several fascinating people and tell their stories. I’ve spent significant time in middle America learning about agriculture and getting to know the people that grow America’s food, among other topics.

For three years I worked with the California based national PBS series America’s Heartland conducting in the field research. In New York City I worked for a PBS FRONTLINE producer doing investigative research. In-between I did much freelance producing for various projects in different states; I worked with the NFL for Super Bowl XLVIII on a web-production, did research and video work for WOUB in Athens, Ohio and various projects with smaller production houses in both California and New York.

While in the field I gathered data, interviewed many different types of people from all over, conducted investigative research, did guerrilla interviewing and searched for pieces that built a compelling story. Traveling and conducting thorough research was critical to the meat of any good narrative. Today as a user experience designer, that research is just as critical to informing great design.






States I’ve traveled to: California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Colorado, Utah, Iowa, Wyoming, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, New York, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Idaho, Nebraska, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Indianapolis, Virginia, Missouri, Rhode Island.