In May 2013 I participated in the Tribeca Hacks – Storytelling Innovation Lab, put on by the Tribeca Film Festival. I was honored to be a part of a team of amazing storytellers and developers. This was an example of the evolution of convergence between media and technology. 

2over10 Media for PBS FRONTLINE and ProPublica, in collaboration with designers from Ocupop created an online interactive storytelling platform that highlights a number of inaccurate — and dangerous — assumptions often made about our health care systems. The project, “Your Hospital May be Hazardous to your Health” was built from conception to completion – and launched – in just 4 days.


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True transmedia in all its glory — the hackathon was a place where digital designers, animators, engineers met with the best storytellers in investigative journalism.


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I assisted the team in editorial storytelling and production. I collaborated with animators, designers and engineers to bring our idea to fruition in just 4 days. The experience shook me and my interest in tech and all things digital started becoming clearer. The project illustrated to me the amazing ways in which storytelling and technology come together. As a UX designer I am excited to be in a space where media and technology converge.

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Michael Nieling, Founder and Creator of Ocupop illustrating “nodes” that later became digitally animated in our interactive.








Video with highlights from the hack.

My Role: Research Coordinator, Production & Editorial Assist