In September of 2016 the new Vanity Fair was launched highlighting Vanities, a sub-brand focusing on celebrity news. The intention of Vanities was to give users a unique experience under the Vanity Fair brand.

The Vanity Fair website was revamped and streamlined to identify three strong sub-brands: Vanities, The HIVE (earlier launched) and HWD (Hollywood).



INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE: As the Senior User Experience Designer on the team I led the information architecture and informed new content strategy based on brand, business and user goals.




CONTENT STRATEGY: Content structure and layout was reimagined. How could we preserve the Vanity Fair brand, bring the three sub-brands to life and create a new and fresh experience for users?




BRANDING: The outcome was a more organized, readable and enjoyable Vanity Fair. With a clean, new and polished facelift we maintained brand ethos by preserving elements, ornamental design patterns and themes that mimic a classic and traditional news source.




VISUAL AND RESPONSIVE DESIGN: I assisted with visual design and responsive design work for all four channels: Vanity Fair, Vanities, The HIVE and HWD.




MY ROLE: Senior UX Designer, Visual Design Assist

Led research, ideation, information architecture, informed content strategy, wireframe concepts and screens, prototyping, assisted in visual and responsive design.